Rebbecca Lockwood
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Rebbecca Lockwood

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Autism +
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Hi! I'm Rebbecca Lockwood and I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Florida. I completed my doctoral training at Tennessee State University and completed my internship at University of Central Florida. I love assessment and working with autistic adults, so working as a psychologist at Prosper Health is the best of both worlds for me!

What motivated you to specialize in working with autistic adults?

I have several family members who are autistic. Growing up, we lived in rural areas where there were not a lot of opportunities for assessment or resources for individuals in need of support. I am excited to be a part of making services more accessible.

How do you bring a strengths-based, affirming approach to your client work?

My dedication to affirming and strengths-based support for autistic clients is fueled by both professional insights and personal connections. Years of working with autistic adults revealed diverse strengths often overlooked, sparking my passion to shift from deficits to abilities. As a family member of individuals on the spectrum, I genuinely understand their challenges and remarkable strengths, reinforcing my belief in the transformative power of this approach. In every interaction, I aim to create a safe space, honoring their uniqueness and empowering them to navigate the world authentically with confidence.

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PhD in Counseling Psychology from Tennessee State University; Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from Northwestern State University of Louisiana; Bachelors in Psychology from Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Spending time with my family, reading, and learning new things