Neha Batool
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Neha Batool

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I am a clinical psychologist licensed in Virginia. I completed my graduate training at the University of North Dakota and completed my internship and residency at a community mental health setting with Compass Health Network in Columbia, MO. I am experienced in providing supervision, psychological testing, and therapy services. I'm particularly passionate about providing ADHD and Autism evaluations in addition to utilizing the Internal Family Systems Model in my work with therapy clients.

What motivated you to specialize in working with autistic adults?

Over the past few years, my work has shown me that neurodivergent and autistic individuals are often underserved and marginalized. I have also witnessed the profound positive impact that appropriate support can have on their lives. Being part of that transformative experience brings me great joy and fulfillment.

How do you bring a strengths-based, affirming approach to your client work?

In my work with autistic clients, I prioritize an affirming and strengths-based approach by recognizing and celebrating each individual’s unique abilities and perspectives. I make a conscious effort to understand their interests and passions, using these as a foundation to build rapport and foster growth. By emphasizing their strengths rather than focusing on challenges, I aim to create a supportive environment where they feel valued and empowered.

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Masters and PhD in Counseling Psychology from University of North Dakota; Bachelors in Psychology and Philosophy from Hollins University, Roanoke VA
Playing tennis, spending time with my family, camping, and reading