Monica Sanchez
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Monica Sanchez

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Autism +
Late / recently diagnosed
Women's issues
Intimate relationships (marriage, dating)
Aetna, United, Cigna, Oscar, Oxford

Hi! I'm Monica and I'm a licensed clinical social worker in Florida. I've been working in the mental health field since 2004 with a variety of populations. What I enjoy most about this work is helping people discover something about or within themselves, and I usually go about this by implementing an eclectic mix of therapeutic approaches like DBT, ACT and CBT with some neuroscience psychoeducation and a humble companion, client-centered approach.   I am neurodivergent myself and had set out on an extensive and enthusiastic continuing education journey on neurodiversity and autism, even before joining Prosper Health. Now, I'm thrilled I can focus on helping Prosper Health clients develop greater insight into what makes them great and gain skills to improve their quality of life.

What motivated you to specialize in working with autistic adults?

Working with so many populations I discovered I feel most in my element engaging with other neurodivergent folks, engaging in out of the box discussions about the systems around us and how to improve our experiences within the world we live in. After embarking on my own neurodivergent self discovery journey, I've found it extremely rewarding to guide others in going about their own unmasking process and grow into their best selves.

How do you bring a strengths-based, affirming approach to your client work?

I feel most in my element with people who think differently and love to help other neurodivergent folks find and build on their strengths, in order to live more authentic lives. This comfort comes from my personal experience throughout my life and diagnosis journey as well as being a parent of autistic children. I truly enjoy helping people navigate their way through a neurotypical world in a way that is affirming to who they truly are.

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Masters of Social Work from Florida International University; Bachelors in Women's Studies and Religious Studies with a Psychology minor from Florida International University
Listening to music or audiobooks, watching standup comedy specials, and spending time with my family.