Meghan Fitzpatrick
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New York

Meghan Fitzpatrick

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New York
Autism +
Aetna, Cigna, United, Oscar, Oxford

Hi All! I am a clinical psychologist, licensed in New York and Florida. I work providing assessments to those seeking diagnoses, and provide resources and next steps no matter the diagnosis. I have a wide background in assessment, and have loved getting to spend time honing my skills in identifying autism, especially in women.

What motivated you to specialize in working with autistic adults?

I have always felt that the world is more vibrant and beautiful when people can live and express themselves authentically. I believe that the process of testing, and the next steps that come from that, can help people identify the next steps on their journey towards better understanding themselves. When that happens, and the right supports are found, we are able to open a door for clients to embrace and share their authentic self with the world.

How do you bring a strengths-based, affirming approach to your client work?

I love being a safe place for clients to feel they can be authentic and vulnerable while we go through the assessment. I encourage clients to unmask to whatever degree feels best for them, to not make eye contact, to be honest about their struggles, etc, and Ive found that this leads to truly wonderful conversations. This process allows me to better identify communities, groups, resources, and ideas that I think would be most helpful for each individual client.

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PsyD from University of Colorado Denver; Bachelors degree from Eckerd College
Aerial hoop, reading, gardening, and creating art