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Katie Amit
LMHC, Florida
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I am an LMHC in the state of Florida and I have been practicing therapy for 9+ years. I received by Master of Education and Counseling from Florida Atlantic University.

I am passionate about working with autistic and neurodiverse individuals. Having neurodiverse family members, I walk alongside their challenges including the pressure to perform in a neurotypical way. Just as I meet them where they are and validate their diversity, I also seek to increase self-acceptance and greater life satisfaction in others through various therapeutic approaches.

I bring a client-centered approach, working with the individual as a co-participant with full autonomy in the production of goals and the treatment process. I seek to understand various communication styles and encourage individuals to enhance their abilities through self-advocacy, boundary setting, and problem solving skills. I utilize CBT, ERP, mindfulness, and holistic approaches, and when appropriate, I can include sensory modalities such as art, nature, movement, and music.

In my free time, I enjoy making gemstone jewelry, creating art with my son, and watching documentaries!